Pain Radiating Down the Arm

A dear patient of PT Red David who complained of upper back pain radiating down her arm, and her thoughts on the practicality of getting physical therapy in Health In Motion.

Severe Hip Pain

Can a chronically nagging hip pain affect our day to day activities? Can this affect our general well-being and our way of relating to other people? A teacher who suffered from all of these gives her treatment feedback.


An OFW referred to us from the Philippine General Hospital speaks of her 2-month long stroke rehabilitation. Our physical therapy approach to stroke rehabilitation is trusted by the bests in neurologic rehabilitation.

Return to work after Stroke

Got some sports injuries? For almost two years, Hayel Hayudini had some that affected his knees, shoulders, back and his dreams of competing in the UAAP and national level someday.  With his persistence and grit, he took the chance with HIM's osteopathic and physical therapy treatments so at present, he's now working out with One Movement Fitness Center (Malolos City) for further strength and performance training. If you've got sports injuries you take too seriously, for us, return to sport is a workable dream.

Swimmer's Return to Sport