The Health In Motion, located in Malolos City, Bulacan, was established in November 2014 by Filipino physical therapists Ferdinand B. Fajardo and Jenina Joy F. De Gucena. By putting up a clinic that provides quality physical rehabilitation, they aspired to serve their fellow "bulakenyo". 

The clinic offers two essential therapy systems. Physical therapy is a branch of rehabilitation medicine aimed at helping patients maintain, recover and improve physical abilities while Osteopathy is a system of treatment and diagnosis that integrates the human anatomy and physiology in order to rid the body off of body-related dysfunctions.

Health in Motion

The Health in Motion is a patient-centred institution that offers physical therapy and osteopathic services to people from various traditions and diverse economic background in order to optimize health and wellness by integrating the human structure and function through hands-on treatment and promotion of movement.

Our Vision for Physical Therapy

Health In Motion caters the best professional physical therapy service with its one-on-one approach and will be renowned for excellent and swift results not only in the city of Malolos but for the entire province of Bulacan. The department is composed of licensed physical therapists who are outstanding as clinical practitioners and perceptive as human beings in order to meet the needs of our society. The desire for professional growth and development of knowledge and skills are nurtured. We are particular with the linkage of evidence and practice and, at the same time, are mindful of our patient/clients’ uniqueness and individuality.

Our Vision for Osteopathy

Health In Motion is a private institution that will be acknowledged by the Department of Health’s Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care as a top provider of Traditional Osteopathy. The role of osteopathy in health-optimization will develop and will be recognized by the Filipino.


Osteopathy will be strengthened as the manual healthcare of choice not only to people of Bulacan but also to everyone in the country. To obtain progress in the practice of osteopathy in the country, we aspire that patients and clients will learn the vitality of osteopaths and experience the changes in their health through individualized health management, holistic wellness approach, and collaborative treatment program with physical therapists, medical doctors and exercise coaches.

Our Mission

About Us

Our Team

Jenina Joy F. De Gucena, PTRP
Physical Therapist, Wheelchair Service Provider, and Managing Director

Jen obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of the Philippines - Manila in 2012. Upon gainingher license to practice a year after graduating, she immediately jumped into the practice of paediatric PT before founding Health In Motion. Currently, she also serves as consultant pediatric PT for the Theratalk Speech and Occupational Therapy Center and for the Move And Think Therapy Specialists. 


Her internship experiences from the Philippine General Hospital, Philippine General Hospital (Stroke Specialty Clinic) and the Clinic for Therapy Services – Pediatric Section under UP Manila give her the advantage in coming up with the most appropriate set of goals and plan of care when it comes to treating pediatric and neurologic patients. One of her advanced trainings includes the Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation under the International PNF Association.


She was tapped by the World Health Organization and the Department of Health to become one of few international trainers of wheelchair service provision along with other PTs and medical doctors hence she would train local healthcare practitioners and visit far-flung places in the country to help PWDs who need the best suitable wheelchairs for their unique needs.


Redentor C. David, PTRP

Chief Physical Therapist and Consultant Sports PT

Red finished the Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy of the Our Lady Of Fatima University, Valenzuela City in 2013. Before joining Health In Motion in 2014, he has gained experiences from the East Avenue Medical Center and from the Fatima University Medical Center as intern.


His post-graduate trainings include his externship training at the UP Diliman–Sports Physical Therapy Clinic where he was exposed in the practice of sports physical therapy in the collegiate UAAP sports setting. Some of his notable international post-graduate trainings include the Mulligan Concept and advanced Manipulative Therapy. He is a fellow of the Philippine Association of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. He also served as SK kagawad in Bulakan, Bulacan from 2007 to 2010. He is currently the Team Physical Therapist of the Adamson University Men's Basketball Team. 


David Dela Fuente, PTRP

Physical Therapist


Dave graduated from the University of the East Memorial Medical Center Inc. and obtained his licensure both in 2017. During his college days in UERM, he was a member of mentor’s club and campus ministry. His clinical internship in the UP Diliman - Sports Physical Therapy Clinic, he worked closely with the athletes of the UP Men's Football team and with the Track and Field Sprinters. His line-up of prestigious clinical internship includes one from the UP-PGH where he was able to handle various musculoskeletal cases. Already well-versed when it comes to advanced physical therapy modalities and machines, he now learns orthopedic manual physical therapy as specialty. 

Bertilino R. Cinco Jr. PTRP, DO-MTP, GradDipManTher (Hons), MSHMS (c)

Osteopath and Clinic Operations Manager

Bert is a product of Emilio Aguinaldo College as a physical therapist and obtained his licensure in 2013. He finished the Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Therapy from the Goodrum Seminars, United Kingdom and the Diplomate in Osteopathic Manipulative Theory and Practice from the Osteopathic College of Ontario both in 2014.


Since starting his practice, he gladly works with athletes and with the general population. Formerly, he was affiliated with the UP Fighting Maroons Men’s Basketball Team and with the Philippine Olympic Committee. Currently, he is finishing his master’s degree in Human Movement Science majoring in Exercise Science in the University of the Philippines Diliman. He has lead a few workshops for PTs and osteopaths in a few different places across the country. Aside from his practice in Health In Motion, he is also the senior associate osteopath for the Clinica Salutare Inc. - Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.


John Ronald O. Bermudez, PTRP, DO-MTP, GradDipManTher (Hons), DMS

Osteopath, KYT Practitioner and Dorn Method Specialist

In 2011, John graduated from the University Of Santo Tomas and obtained Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. He gained a Diplomate in Osteopathy Manipulative Theory and Practice from the Osteopathic College of Ontario in 2014. Before finishing his study in Osteopathy, he has already gained a significant two-year work experience as physical therapist in the Philippine Orthopedic Institute.


As an osteopath, he specializes in the advanced Dorn Method which is a wholistic, safe and nonmanipulative therapy to correct misalignments in the spine and joints and a true self-help method that promotes independence of clients. He also the go-to guy for Health In Motion when it comes to helping clients with temporomandibular joint dysfunctions.

He is also currently affiliated with the Clinica Salutare Inc. in BGC, Taguig as osteopath and co-chair of the osteopathy department. John is a leader, teacher and catalyst in the Christ’s Commission Fellowship-Marikina.


Anthony E. Arcilla, PTRP, DO-MTP, GradDipManTher (Hons)

Osteopath, KYT Practitioner and Bowen Therapy Specialist

Anthony is a consultant osteopath for Clinica Salutare Inc, Taguig, and with the Health Manifest, QC from 2013 up to present. Affiliated with the Somatic Therasystem, he teaches manual therapy to improve the practice of Filipino physical therapists, believing in the saying; "you'll never lose fire if you keep lighting another person’s candle."

From 2012 to 2014, he served as physical therapist and clinical supervisor in the University of the Philippines  Sports Physical Therapy Clinic where he gained experience working with college athletes and teaching PT interns. He obtained his Diplomate in Osteopathic Manipulative Theory and Practices degree from the Osteopathic College of Ontario in 2014. Before becoming an osteopath, he first practiced as a sports physical therapist being a graduate of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila batch 2012.


Anthony is an expert in Spinal Manipulation which is utilized for various back pain syndromes. He combines manipulative therapy with KYT and Bowen Therapy to treat chronic and often misdiagnosed musckuloskeletal problems. Aside from being a healthcare practitioner, he is an entrepreneur and stock broker during his off-clinic days.

Corazon B. De Gucena

Nurse and Front Desk Officer


Corazon is Health In Motion’s front desk officer and in-house nurse. She finished her nursing degree in the St. Louis University and served in the Capitol Medical Center for years before practicing abroad. As the mother of Ms. Jenina De Gucena and sister of HIM’s founder Ferdinand Fajardo, her loving guidance and natural concern inspires the physical therapists and osteopaths of Health In Motion. It is her who brought the first few patients of the clinic and the one who magnetizes people with her sincerity and enthusiasm towards helping those who are suffering.


The Physical Therapists

The Osteopaths


Tricia Santos, PTRP

Physical Therapist and Pediatric PT Specialist 

An alumna of Emilio Aguinaldo College, Tricia finished her bachelor's degree in 2017 and obtained her license to practice on the same year. She was priviledged to undergo clinical internship at prestigious institutions such as the Philippine General Hospital - Neurology, Stroke Department, Philippine Children's Medical Center, and the Philippine Orthopedic Institute, Inc.


Although she believes that it is ideal for every practitioner to have a specialty, she also aspires to obtain every knowledge and skill akin to physical therapy and rehabilitation. Hence, it is her dream to become "jack-of-all-trades" but also a "master-of-something". Aside from working with Health In Motion patients, she also serves as consultant for a specialty clinic called My Child's Place Behavioral Therapy Center which focuses on pediatric rehabilitation. Tricia has her eye on doing academe and research works as she was a student-achiever in college and a class valedictorian in elementary. 


She now attends various post-graduate seminars and trainings to enhance her skills and clinical reasoning and plans to finish a masteral's degree and, if possible, the Doctorate in Physical Therapy in the future.


Jehn Reiko M. Quililan, PTRP
Physical Therapist

Reiko is a product of the University of Santo Tomas where she finished her bachelor’s degree in 2013, unscathed and on time. UST’s College of Rehabilitation Sciences, being a Center of Excellence for the study physical therapy, is certainly an institution where only a selected few could successfully enter and exit from.


Prior to joining the Health In Motion, she was a staff physical therapist for The Medical City Clinic where she dealt mostly with musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions.She described her previous work setting as a situation where PTs were expected to work efficiently while treating multiple patients at a time. She gained interest in joining Health In Motion to allow herself to expand her practical experience in rehabilitation and patient care while providing quality healthcare.


A resident of Sta. Maria, Bulacan, she very well understands the language of fellow Bulakeños. As a licensed PT, she is most comfortable dealing with geriatric-neurologic patients. In terms of treating musculoskeletal problems, Reiko is versed with kinesiology taping, dry needling and progressive therapeutic exercises.


The Nurse and Front Desk Officer